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Meet Michelle Wibowo (born 1978, Indonesia), a British sugar craft artist whose specialty is making sculpted cakes and sugar sculpture. Michelle creates award winning sugar arts and cake sculptures with an incredible attention to details and realism.

She runs a small business called Michelle Sugar Art Ltd.

She graduated from the National Bakery School and begin career in cake decorating in London. Her first international success was in October 2008 when she was awarded a gold and silver medal for her creations in International Exhibition of Culinary Art in Germany. She created a lifesize hound dog shape sugar sculpture which won her gold and picked up silver for a cake of Elizabeth I of England.

Yes, these are all edible cakes! 

It took Ms Wibowo 2 weeks to prepare and both creations have consumed more than 25 kg sugar paste (fondant).

This strikingly lifelike figure of Queen Elizabeth II is hand sculpted from sugar paste (fondant), decorated with icing sugar and then applied food colouring to the surface.

Wooden armature, polystyrene, aluminium and copper pipes are used to provide support and skeleton. 

This Welsh Corgi Dog English fruit cake was carved, coated and hand sculpted with marzipan and sugar paste (fondant). Texture applied to the surface and then coloured using food colouring.

Wooden structure and aluminium core at the base is used to provide support. 

Soon after graduating with a degree in Architecture, Michelle pursued her passion in Cake Decorating and Sugarcraft by enrolling to BTEC Course in Baking Science in 2001 at the National Bakery School in Southbank - London.

In 2002-2005, she developed her skills in cake decorating by gaining experiences in many cake shops in and around London. 

During this period more than 2000 cakes and sugar models she has produced, some of them are commissioned by famous celebrities and high-profiled individuals in the country.

Suckling Pig

This hyper realistic, life size suckling pig was made entirely by sponge cake and sugar paste including the vegetables. Michelle's latest creation for the Experimental Food Society 'Spectacular' which is held over the weekend in London. The cake was on display throughout that day and was eventually served for the dinner banquet that evening.

Corgi Wedding Cake

Michelle worked for 111 hours solid over a period of three weeks to construct every detail of the cake which measured nearly six foot long, over four foot high and over three feet wide (70” x 52” x 40”). The intricate details of the corgi’s fur took the longest to do with Michelle spending 16 consecutive hours crafting the intricate details. The dog-friendly cake is provided by a professional dog-friendly bakery which includes canine-favourites such as; liver dog food, chicken and beef steak. 

Prince William & Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Cake

Michelle used the ideal home show cake competition as a great opportunitiy to do something different, other than the usual decorated round tiered cake people normally expect for a classic tiered wedding cake.

It was really a challenge for her to do this cake. It's was hard work, but she really enjoyed making it.
Prince William and Kate Middleton cake is made of traditional english fruit cake, carved into 3D busts with an armature inside, covered with apricot jam.

The icing was sculpted with details and then airbrushed with colours to make it look more realistic.
It took about 80 hours to make and she used more than 10kgs marzipan and 10kg Icing sugar.

Ford Ecoboost Engine Cake

Celebrating the achievement of 'International Engine of the year' award Ford UK comissioned a lifesize cake of the company most proud of EcoBoost 1.0 litre Engine.

Mario Bros.

More Scrumptious Sculptures...

Golf-themed cake

I Love Italia Cake

Severed Head Cake

Dr. Who Wedding Cake

Baby Cake

Hazardous Radioactive Waste Birthday Cake
A business man who works for a waste management company. His partner came up with a wacky idea for a cake to celebrate his 40th's birthday. Cake in a shape of hazardous barrel with Jack's head popping out.

Baked to serve 50-60 people this party centerpiece is constructed from layered cakes and covered with the sugar paste, even the head is made of cake!

Such amazing detail!  The customer said it was quite delicious also!!

Footballer Fabrice Muamba

Bolton Footballer Fabrice Muamba had just turned 24 when he had to fight for his life in the intensive care unit of the London Chest Hospital. He suffered a cardiac arrest and fell to the ground in front of millions of television viewers watching the FA Cup Match against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

His heart stopped for 78 minutes, but it was quite a miracle hearing that he had started to walk for the first time. 

It is said that birthday celebration is celebration of life. This is the birthday cake for Muamba from Sauna Muamba and his son Josh.


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