0 Custom-Blown OREGON PINT Glass Features a 3D Model of Mt. Hood Rising From Inside the Base

The Oregon Pint, an American-made custom-blown 16 oz. pint glass from North Drinkware is a result of combining both modern technology with the old world craft of blowing glass to produce a beautiful, unique and relevant new product.

0 "Middle Fork" - The GIANT SCULPTURAL TREE CAST From A 140-year-old Hemlock Tree by John Grade

“Middle Fork”, is the newest sculpture by local Seattle artist John Grade, known for creating large-scale sculptures in unusual ubran areas, and is also the first exhibit at the new MadArt Space in Seattle.

Of course, a sculpture on such a huge scale also requires huge help. Countless volunteers aided in making this enormous scale mold of a 140-year-old tree a reality.

All photos © John Grade

0 The Animated SUPERCELL THUNDERSTORM PHOTOS by Mike Hollingshead

Animated cinemagraphs of any kind are always awesome so coming across these animated supercell thunderstorm photos by weather photographer Mike Hollingshead was a delight! He has turned to Photoshop to create his already amazing images into something even more dramatic.

These animated photos though, according to Hollingshead, aren’t created like more traditional cinemagraphs, where moving elements from a video are isolated and the rest of the image is masked out. Instead, he uses only a static image and creates the animation from thin air. Amazing!