0 Belgian Artist's Amazing SHADOW Sketches (18 Photos)

This artist's talent goes on and on forever on his Instagram site. He's so full of ingenious, inspired and imaginative thoughts that he is able to create so many awesome sketches, out of shadow - and everyday objects. It's like, if there's a shadow, he'll be able to create a sketch out of it. Amazing!

Earlier this year, Belgian film-maker and artist Vincent Bal stumbled upon an uncanny resemblance to an elephant in the shadow of his tea cup. This gave him the idea for Shadowology, a series of doodles that interact with the shadows of simple, everyday objects: a banknote, some ice cubes and a flower, for example, can turn into a church, a woman and a hippy.
“I draw a few lines and I get my image. It’s really the shadows that inspire me,” Bal says. 

0 TRASH to Amazing ANIMAL SCULPTURES by Artist Bordalo II (25 Photos + Video)

Amazing! Where we see trash, this artist sees art and uses his artistic talent and incredible skills to spread his message about endless waste production by creating some of the most stunning animal sculptures out of plastic and metal waste.

Therefore, unlike most artist, Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) doesn't have to buy his material - he scavenges it. He seeks to portray nature (animals) with the materials that threaten it, using the walls on streets and other outside surroundings as his canvas.

1. Fox

0 The "SALT BRIDE" Photo Series by Israeli Artist, Sigalit Landau

Fascinating. View the transformation of a black dress after it was dunked into the Dead Sea and left there for over a few months. It was done for a photo project. The dress probably weighed a ton after it was retrieved from the salty waters. It's also more proof (as if anymore is needed), of how salt-rich the waters of Dead Sea are. 

The photographs are on display at London's Marlborough Contemporary until September 3, 2016...

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau created an eight-part photo series called 'Salt Bride' - using the Dead Sea. She submerged a black gown in its waters in 2014 and returned multiple times over the span of three months to capture its salinity-induced transformations, as glimmering crystals gradually conquered the dark fabric.

0 PAPERMEAL - The Cleverly Designed Paper-Food Sculptures Project, Featuring Stop-Motion Videos

"If we can make it out of paper, you can make it out of food," reads the line on the website, Paper meal - a cleverly stimulating project site OBSESSED WITH FOOD AND PAPERCRAFT - where food sculptures made out of paper, is complimented with unique stop-motion videos.


A Jaffle, AKA a toasted sandwich in Papermeal’s native Australia.

Papermeal is a project developed by the creative group at yelldesign - an animation studio in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in stop-motion.

0 "WHAT A RACKET" | Embroidery on Rackets

And you thought embroidery was mostly done on fabric. These unique and wonderful embroidery works of art were done by Cape Town textile artist and photographer Danielle Clough using old tennis and badminton rackets. We wondered how long each would have taken her to finish?

All images © Danielle Clough.

0 Race/Related - Animated Portraits for the NY Times

Check out these 5 great hand-drawn animated portraits by London artist, T.S ABE for the new New York Times newsletter, Race/Related. The portrait series features Caitlin, Alissa, Yinka, Malena and Samora, with art Direction by Antonio de Luca at The Times.

0 An Australian Mom's Amazing HAIR BRAIDING Skills

Now this is the kind of art we like seeing every now and then - creative art using hair! In this case, it's Shelley Gifford from Melbourne, Australia, who has a talent for hair braiding.

0 Incredibly Realistic-looking DOLL FACES by Russian Artist

Talk about talent. Just take a look at these dolls! You would think they were photos of real children. Russian artist, Michael Zajkov is the artistic talent behind these dolls which truly shows off his unique skills. It’s the way he paints those lips… those eyes… and the freckles that make them appear so incredibly-realistic and natural-looking.

0 Van Gogh’s Famous ‘BEDROOM IN ARLES’ Painting Recreated by the The Art Institute of Chicago. RENTED on Airbnb

It’s one thing to dream of being in a painting – it’s another thing to actually be able to do it! The first ‘picture’ right below is an actual room painted to look like Van Gogh’s Bedroom painting. The second picture is the actual painting by the famous artist – one of three he did.

A bit of fascinating history first on Van Gogh's Bedrooms by the Art Institute of Chicago:

Van Gogh’s life was short and nomadic. By the time he died, at the age of 37, he had lived in 37 separate residences across 24 cities, mostly as a boarder or a guest dependent on the hospitality of family or friends. In 1888, he finally moved into the only home he truly considered his own: his beloved “Yellow House” in Arles. Of his many bedrooms, Van Gogh immortalized only the one from the Yellow House—three times in fact. He first painted the room in 1888 shortly after his move to the Arles and then painted the composition twice more in 1889: once to record the first version that had been damaged when his home flooded and then again as a gift for his mother and sister.

0 CLOTHES HANGERS Made from Recycled Cardboard Tubes

Ingenious! Ukrainian designer Viktor Puzur, has created ‘Trempel’, a coat hanger made from recycled cardboard tubes that is minimalistic yet functionally appealing!

0 TREE BRANCH Found On the Side of Road Turned into Beautiful BOOKSHELF

Now this is really using your imagination - in the most creative way! Not only is it practical and beautiful, but it's also from mother nature, making it unique.