0 The Ingeniously-designed Fuji Kindergarten's ROOF HOUSE by Tezuka Architects

The coolest kindergarten we've ever seen!

“… if you are parents, you know that kids love to keep making circles,” states Tokyo-based architect, Takaharu Tezuka of the husband-and-wife team,Tezuka Architects, in a video of him speaking about his design at a 2014 TEDx event in Kyoto. This idea was therefore the inspiration behind his design for this revolutionary kindergarten building that not only allows kids to run free but teacesh them about life lessons.

“If you don’t know happiness, how can you provide it to others?” is the architects’ motto.

0 Magnificently-captured Ocean-Inspired GLASS VASES and SCULPTURES

The ocean has inspired many a creative artist for centuries and Santa Cruz, California-based husband and wife Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, are no exceptions. Their amazing pieces of glass sculptures and vases are the results of their collaborative skills even though they work separately as glass artists.