0 The "SALT BRIDE" Photo Series by Israeli Artist, Sigalit Landau

Fascinating. View the transformation of a black dress after it was dunked into the Dead Sea and left there for over a few months. It was done for a photo project. The dress probably weighed a ton after it was retrieved from the salty waters. It's also more proof (as if anymore is needed), of how salt-rich the waters of Dead Sea are. 

The photographs are on display at London's Marlborough Contemporary until September 3, 2016...

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau created an eight-part photo series called 'Salt Bride' - using the Dead Sea. She submerged a black gown in its waters in 2014 and returned multiple times over the span of three months to capture its salinity-induced transformations, as glimmering crystals gradually conquered the dark fabric.

0 PAPERMEAL - The Cleverly Designed Paper-Food Sculptures Project, Featuring Stop-Motion Videos

"If we can make it out of paper, you can make it out of food," reads the line on the website, Paper meal - a cleverly stimulating project site OBSESSED WITH FOOD AND PAPERCRAFT - where food sculptures made out of paper, is complimented with unique stop-motion videos.


A Jaffle, AKA a toasted sandwich in Papermeal’s native Australia.

Papermeal is a project developed by the creative group at yelldesign - an animation studio in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in stop-motion.