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Twist to Read Business Card

Problem: Number of yoga centers in Beirut were growing rapidly. Danielle Abisaab,  a yoga instructor for over 10 years needed to re-position herself.

Premise: Most Yoga postures/exercises involve twisting of the body. We adapted this observation on to our business card design.

Idea: We started by choosing a non-tearable and flexible paper to print our visiting card on. The messaging was then divided into two equal parts. With one half printed on the front and the other half on the back. To read the entire message the user would have to twist the visiting card. Folding lines were printed on both sides of the card to guide the user while twisting the visiting card.

Results: The visiting card gave her business a new twist. Enquiries kept flowing and new students enrolled for yoga programs.

Concrete Business Card

The  Murmure creative agency based in Caen was able to make a series of cards using concrete. By creating an interaction between the materials used, the fineness of the typography and the hardness of the substrate, the splendid 'result' can be discovered in what follows...


Ninja Business Card

With tongue planted ever so firmly in cheek we present our very own 220lb, 100% cotton throwing star unique business card. It may not be deadly, but it will get the point across.


Tailored Shirt Die-cut Business Card

From the designer:
This Tailored shirt die-cut business card concept was created while I was thinking of a new creative object in presenting my business card? I try to get away from the usual corporate cards which I usually do. A shirt with a tie maybe? As I wore it everyday to work and why not represent my outfit as a business card for people to find it AMAZING?

Great die-cut concept design of a business shirt and tie.


Palette Business Card

This business card is created for the young and very talented artist Elena Mirosedi.


Optical Illusion Business Card

The theme of their visual identity is a shelf. At the front there are items specific to the function performed by the person in the company. However, on the reverse, there are packages which say about the industry of their services. With an optical illusion and individually-developed punch they gained an impression of three-dimensional shelf on both sides of a business card.

Camera-Shaped Business Card

In this business card design for the frankfurter photographers Tian Lan the designers were given total artistic freedom. The only stipulation was that it should be unique. Hence, the designer considered the concept of a business card in the shape of a camera. The shape of the camera has been worked out with a lasing punching. The entire camera has 3D embossed so that the individual areas are actually felt.  The lens - the logo of Mr. Lan, is removable!

Rubber Band Gun Business Card

This designer figured he would try and make an awesome functional business card in time for an event he had to attend that would make a good first impression. So he came up with this 3.5"x2" card that snaps apart and forms a very functional rubber band gun that shoots... what else - rubber bands!

See it in action...

Razor’s Edge Business Card
This Silk Business Card was designed for Razor's Edge - a design and construction company. The design includes spot gloss highlights and decorative silver foil. A custom shape was developed and used to create a custom die. This provided the business card with the identical look and cut out of an actual razor. The bottom of the card is lined with silver foil for a true razors edge.

Space Invader Business Cards
These 'cards' were the work of Paolo Castellaneta created for Fabio Bortolotti, a videogame journalist and translator from Italy.
The cards are actually made from various colours of plexiglass and the details are screen printed!


  1. Wow these are really innovative...i want to make Plastic cards innovative..thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing so much creativity around, makes you want to have all of them.Now only invent a special container to store them all.

  3. These are really very good and intelligent printed business cards !

  4. Perfect choice of plastic business cards for intellectual and creative people, design and supporting shades makes them captivating....