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Initially influenced by the aesthetic of dilapidated East end buildings, Andy Rudak began to imagine these as scaled down models made entirely from cardboard. He wanted to combine this idea with the surreal, dream-like feel that runs throughout his personal work. His latest project, with the aid of master set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel, included dream-like views of Mumbai, Tokyo, New York, London, and Paris.

"I knew I wanted the shots to portray a scene of serenity" Andy says, "I had decided I wanted these scenarios to be void of any obvious human presence so I used an animal for each shot as the main focal point. From this I was drawn to the idea of the taxidermy animals. I felt they were crucial to achieving the feeling of serenity I was after."

The Slums of Mumbai

A little time lapse video of the Bombay set build…

Tokyo from the Cardboard Cities project won Best in Catergory for Non-Commissioned Life Single at this years AOP awards. 

Tower Block

Operation Brownstone


A book following the process of construction from start to finish has been published with an exhibition of final images touring agencies and galleries this autumn and winter.

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