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Student Jozef Mrva from the Czech Republic created these series of great looking animal masks made out of cardboard!

Jozef consider these masks as experiments with identity, especially in the rituallistic sense. The bearer is intended to accept his new archetypical identity and immerse oneself in his role. Animal masks resemble skulls or remains or abominations, they bear shamanic, dionisian or satanic symbolism, the form, material and overal execution is primitive, harsh and expressionistic. They are made to inspire the inner forces of man and allow behavioral self-expression through identity alternation (alcohol or drug use advised). 

Cardboard is used due to its good availiability so one can improvise and create new in a while for new roles and make-up rituals. Some of them are fragile and therefore disposable. They are primarily intended to have fun with them.

He will continue working on them and expand the concept of make-up rituals into different media, including musical performance, stage performance or video-art.


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