0 The 'More SKY' Windows Design Project by Aldana Ferrer Garcia

What a great design idea if you live in a small house or small space!

The Dubai Design Week, held from 26 – 31 October, 2015 had a host of creative designs and innovative projects under their 'Global Grad Show' exhibition which features some of the most innovative projects from world's leading design schools.

The expansive exhibition, curated by Brendan Mcgetrick, is housed within the Dubai Design District (d3), spotlighting 50 projects from 10 universities under 6 themes: construction, health, home, memory, play and work and among them was the 'more sky' thesis project created by Argentinian architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia - an experiment in expanding and rethinking the limits of assumed architectural space.

0 7 Illustrations of Celebrities THEN and NOW Entitled “Me & My Other Me”

Colombian illustrator Fulvio Obregon created these great series of illustrations of celebrities, showing how they looked in the past in comparison to their present, with each character showing some detail related to their respective career, life or profession.

Paul McCartney

0 Unique 3D BOOK ART Creations by Yuto Yamaguchi

Talented Japanese artist Yuto Yamaguchi has created some incredibly unique artwork by folding individual pages of books to produce three-dimensional works. That’s each page folded individually by hand! Incredible!

OruFun is the name given to such an artwork – the book art of folding each pages of books without using scissors but rather by creasing each page to create various characters or patterns in three dimensions.

Star Wars

0 THE 5,000-cartridges PORTRAIT OF VLADIMIR PUTIN by UKRAINIAN ARTIST Dariya Marchenko

Ukrainian artist Dariya Marchenko created her portrait piece called, The Face of War, of Vladimir Putin made from empty bullet cartridges – 5,000 to be exact. All collected from the frontline of the conflict between the Ukranian army and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

0 POLICEMEN From Around the World, ILLUSTRATED IN A SATIRICAL WAY by Gunduz Agayev

Interesting satirical illustrations by Gunduz Agayev depicting policemen from around the world which includes a few human rights ones from places such as Russia, China, Turkey.

Police in Iran

0 LIFELESS Waterfront Buildings are Brought to Life by Artist With His Portraits - All While Balancing on a PADDLE BOARD

Sean Yoro creates the most beautiful murals of women on abandoned waterfront buildings that instantly brings them to life in the most enchanting way. We wish there was a video of him in action painting these incredible portraits!

0 Unprocessed FOODS Are Cut Into Perfect-sized CUBES

How many foods can you recognize in the photo below?

0 The Beautifully-designed MANHOLE COVERS of Japan

Who ever thought manhole covers were boring didn't see these ones! 
On his last road trip through Japan, blogger Fabien UFUNK discovered beautifully designed manhole covers and decided to capture and share them using his iPhone 5.

0 The Ingeniously-designed Fuji Kindergarten's ROOF HOUSE by Tezuka Architects

The coolest kindergarten we've ever seen!

“… if you are parents, you know that kids love to keep making circles,” states Tokyo-based architect, Takaharu Tezuka of the husband-and-wife team,Tezuka Architects, in a video of him speaking about his design at a 2014 TEDx event in Kyoto. This idea was therefore the inspiration behind his design for this revolutionary kindergarten building that not only allows kids to run free but teacesh them about life lessons.

“If you don’t know happiness, how can you provide it to others?” is the architects’ motto.

0 Magnificently-captured Ocean-Inspired GLASS VASES and SCULPTURES

The ocean has inspired many a creative artist for centuries and Santa Cruz, California-based husband and wife Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker, are no exceptions. Their amazing pieces of glass sculptures and vases are the results of their collaborative skills even though they work separately as glass artists.

0 McDonald's FRENCH FRY Gloves by Moroch

If you must wear gloves why not wear some french fry-looking ones?!

Great out-of-the-box idea for McDonald's from the Dallas-based ad agency ‘Moroch’. These fry gloves are a pair of knitted gloves that'll turn your cold hands into some warm looking french fries.

The marketing gimmick was done at a Green Bay Packers home game, where thousands of lucky fans were able to get their hands (no pun intended) on some french fry gloves. 

0 Simon Beck's SNOWSHOE Art

British Artist Simon Beck creates snow art by walking back-and-forth for miles in snowshoes, creating in the process some of the most astonishing large-scale designs in the snow, like a 300-foot-high image of a wolf howling at the moon.

Simon Beck’s snow art at Lake Louise, Alberta. Credit: Chris Moseley/Lake Louise Ski Resort

It all started ten years ago when he purchased an apartment at a ski resort and as he explained in an interview with radio personality and host of Public Radio International’s The World, Marco Werman:

0 INSECT-LIKE Lamps By U-Ram Choe

To have a beautifully sculptured lamp is one thing but to have one embedded with CPUs, motors and LEDs and looking like some sort of an insect, well that’s just plain awesome.

Silver Insecta Lamp, 2013. Metallic material, machinery, electronic device (cpu board, motor, led), resin, magnet. 16 1/2 × 9 1/10 × 14 3/5 in. Courtesy of the artist and GALLERY HYUNDAI

0 Custom-Blown OREGON PINT Glass Features a 3D Model of Mt. Hood Rising From Inside the Base

The Oregon Pint, an American-made custom-blown 16 oz. pint glass from North Drinkware is a result of combining both modern technology with the old world craft of blowing glass to produce a beautiful, unique and relevant new product.

0 "Middle Fork" - The GIANT SCULPTURAL TREE CAST From A 140-year-old Hemlock Tree by John Grade

“Middle Fork”, is the newest sculpture by local Seattle artist John Grade, known for creating large-scale sculptures in unusual ubran areas, and is also the first exhibit at the new MadArt Space in Seattle.

Of course, a sculpture on such a huge scale also requires huge help. Countless volunteers aided in making this enormous scale mold of a 140-year-old tree a reality.

All photos © John Grade

0 The Animated SUPERCELL THUNDERSTORM PHOTOS by Mike Hollingshead

Animated cinemagraphs of any kind are always awesome so coming across these animated supercell thunderstorm photos by weather photographer Mike Hollingshead was a delight! He has turned to Photoshop to create his already amazing images into something even more dramatic.

These animated photos though, according to Hollingshead, aren’t created like more traditional cinemagraphs, where moving elements from a video are isolated and the rest of the image is masked out. Instead, he uses only a static image and creates the animation from thin air. Amazing!


Azuma Makoto's "Iced-Flowers" exhibition observes the changing life of flowers that are locked in ice and as a result, the flowers are seen in a whole different light - both figuratively and literally.
A vivid contrast between flower and it's iced enclosure is revealed in the most unique way.

The large blocks of ice house an array of plant

0 HUMANS Transformed Into Wonderful ANIMAL Portraits Through BODY PAINTING

It's always great to see beautiful body painting, especially when it involves animals. These beautiful works of art are portraits of animals that have been painstakingly drawn onto human bodies. They were all created by Florida-based artist Shannon Holt, who's known for her skilled work in the art of body painting.

The piece is part of Holt’s “Florida Wildlife Series,” a collection of several animal portraits. Each portrait is said to have taken Holt about six to 12 and a half hours to complete, according to Caters News.

“You can have a really beautiful work that transforms the body into a human sculpture or abstract piece that touches on art history, or is a master copy of an Italian Renaissance painting,” she told the Daytona Beach News-Journal in an interview in May.

She added that she loves the “ephemeral” nature of body painting. “It’s here and then it’s gone,” she said. “It’s kind of like ourselves -- we’re here on the Earth and then we’re gone, and it’s beautiful.”