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Australian artist Freya Jobbins's sculptures are assemblages of used dolls parts and recycled plastic toys.  Her precision and attention to detail, results in the most captivating humanoid forms, unique pieces of art.

SCULPTING: Inspired as she is by other artists such as Guiseppe Archimboldo's fruit & vegie paintings, Ron Mueck's big big humans, Gunther Von Hagen's plastinated corpses and the Toy Story Trilogy, their influence and her need to 'build' can be seen in Freya’s current sculptural work.

My work explores the relationship between consumerist fetishism and the emerging recycling culture within the visual arts. Due to our society's overspending on children's plastic toys, especially dolls, the materials for my assemblages are very accessible.

Working with plastic (pre-loved that is) to re-construct the humanoid form in her assemblages is Freya’s obsession. Having an A type personality, loving miniature detail and symetery and a new love of Greek mythology, results in some very provocative, humorous and disturbing works.


Dennis Hopper on a Plate

Edward doing Lucy

Ms Chin

Kerri Anne

Joan's ToyBoy



Zeus 2D Face

Hephaestus 2D face

Boreus 2D face


Medusa 3D (the Gorgons) winners HC & People's Choice Prize @ Blacktown City Art Prize 2011

PRINT MAKING: Also being inspired by and idolizing printmakers Marco Luccio; Cressida Campbell; Salvatore Zofrea; Kathe Kollwitz ; Margaret Preston;and painters Friederich Hundertwasser and Frida Kahlo, Freya's printmaking is evolving and increasingly interwoven with her sculptural pieces, Freya is finding the human form in many of her new prints becoming more and more personal.


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