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Felice Varini, a Swiss artist, is an artist who is known for his geometric perspective paintings, (often called anomorphic illusions), in rooms and other architectural spaces.  We found his works very fascinating as it gives the illusion of one type of perspective - the complete painting from the vantage point, (usually a simple geometric shape such as circle, square, line), and a whole other perspective from outside the vantage point, the viewer will see ‘broken’ fragmented shapes, and all this using the vast urban space around him such as buildings, walls and streets - as his canvas!

For example:

What is actually a circle or made to look like a circle from this vantage point....

Is actually perceived differently when looking at it from different angles or outside the vantage point...

Varini argues that the work exists as a whole - with its complete shape as well as the fragments. “My concern,” he says “is what happens outside the vantage point of view.

Varini states: "The vantage point is carefully chosen: it is generally situated at my eye level and located preferably along an inevitable route, for instance an aperture between one room and another, a landing... I do not, however, make a rule out of this, for all spaces do not systematically possess an evident line."

"Nine Dancing Triangles"

"Nine Dancing Triangles" - From the vantage point

"Nine Dancing Triangles" - Outside the vantage point

"Cercle et suite d’éclats"

Around the summer of 2008, Felice did this installation in Vercorin, Switzerland. The scale on which he did this was very impressive!

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