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0 PAPERMEAL - The Cleverly Designed Paper-Food Sculptures Project, Featuring Stop-Motion Videos

"If we can make it out of paper, you can make it out of food," reads the line on the website, Paper meal - a cleverly stimulating project site OBSESSED WITH FOOD AND PAPERCRAFT - where food sculptures made out of paper, is complimented with unique stop-motion videos.


A Jaffle, AKA a toasted sandwich in Papermeal’s native Australia.

Papermeal is a project developed by the creative group at yelldesign - an animation studio in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in stop-motion.


The team’s paper meatballs are flavoured by an oregano doily

yelldesign's whimsical stop-motion Vine videos are well received with close to 200,000 subscribers.


Papermeal also make animations for commercial clients like Visa, Twitter and Samsung



As well as paper, the team cut up leather, fruit, plastic and more. They use an in-house laser cutter to get an ultra-fine level of accuracy.

One of their six-second Vine videos, The Wrap Dancer, won them an animation award at the Tribeca film festival...

Via, Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

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