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0 CLOTHES HANGERS Made from Recycled Cardboard Tubes

Ingenious! Ukrainian designer Viktor Puzur, has created ‘Trempel’, a coat hanger made from recycled cardboard tubes that is minimalistic yet functionally appealing!

The cardboard tubes are lightweight and are often used as a packaging product.

Here you can see how the hangers hang without any clothes on them.

The cardboard tube that was used for this one has a white interior lining.

First, he starts out with regular cardboard tubes.

 Which he then cuts into angled sections.

Each cut out section, has a hole drilled into the top. After sanding the edges, each hanger is then coated in a waterproof finish to avoid any blotting if the clothes are damp.

The hangers are then ready for the hook and hardware. Here is a close-up look at the hardware he used on the top of the hanger.

And what’s underneath.

 Here is his finished product, ready for hanging clothes and accessories.

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