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0 TREE BRANCH Found On the Side of Road Turned into Beautiful BOOKSHELF

Now this is really using your imagination - in the most creative way! Not only is it practical and beautiful, but it's also from mother nature, making it unique.

New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz, just so happened to have found this branch when he was walking down a street in Santiago, Chile, and that's when the inspiration hit.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to create something great, he dragged it back to his workshop.

At his workshop, he set about transforming the branch into an artistic shelf, he has named ‘Bilbao’, after the street he found it on.

The branch was twisted, turned, and readapted so it could hug a flat wall and live a new life as a shelf. The shelf is part of the tree series, which attempts to let the natural forms found in nature dictate the majority of design.

His other works of part of the tree series includes this tree table:
Real tree, carved wood, natural dyes, steel and tempered glass

For centuries we have used wooden boards to create furniture. The Tree Table proposes that no matter how beautiful or sophisticated our furniture designs might be, the shapes we can find in nature are often more mysterious and intriguing. Rescuing fallen, dead native trees from forests in South America, Sebastian ErraZuriz twists and readapts their branches so they can find a new life as sculptural and functional pieces.

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