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0 Custom-Blown OREGON PINT Glass Features a 3D Model of Mt. Hood Rising From Inside the Base

The Oregon Pint, an American-made custom-blown 16 oz. pint glass from North Drinkware is a result of combining both modern technology with the old world craft of blowing glass to produce a beautiful, unique and relevant new product.

It’s a 3D model of Oregon’s tallest peak – Mt. Hood (11,250 feet), molded into the base of the glass.

From their site:

Using United States Geological Survey (USGS) data (depicting ridges, canyons, and peak) a 3D model of Mt. Hood is integrated into the mold so your beer cascades around the mountain when you pour it into the glass. The Oregon Pint delivers a connection to the mountains that surround us, and the satisfying experience of drinking a local crafted beer out of a local crafted glass – all made here in Oregon.

North Drinkware is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to release the glass, and for a $40 pledge, backers will receive an Oregon pint glass and an exclusive handmade, ten-ply birch coaster with a topographical map of Mt. Hood made by Shwood. (Visit the site to see more campaign pledges)

Their campaign has been a success so far and received 100% funding in its first 5 Hours and 15 Minutes and most recently 200% funded with 30 days still left to go!


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