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0 Unique 3D BOOK ART Creations by Yuto Yamaguchi

Talented Japanese artist Yuto Yamaguchi has created some incredibly unique artwork by folding individual pages of books to produce three-dimensional works. That’s each page folded individually by hand! Incredible!

OruFun is the name given to such an artwork – the book art of folding each pages of books without using scissors but rather by creasing each page to create various characters or patterns in three dimensions.

Star Wars

Batman Logo


OruFun is made with used books – books that sometimes show signs of aging or are stained.

Superman Logo

You can even make your own 3D sculptures via folding patterns that are available to purchase on his OruFun Etsy page.




Dr. Pepper

Storm Trooper

Ironman and Avengers Logo

All images are from his OruFun Etsy page.

Yamaguchi’s entire collection of 3D book pages are also available to view on Instagram.

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