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0 ANTHILL SCULPTORS makes art sculptures out of anthills. Aluminum sculptures of actual anthills to be precise. They are made by pouring the molten metal into the tunnels and chambers of the nest of anthills. (See the video at the end). And as they put it:
The result is an amazing sculpture showing the intricate detail of the nest architecture. The cast is then mounted for display on a wood base. Each display has a stainless steel plaque mounted on the base with information on the cast and a unique cast number. These make perfect displays for a home or as an educational piece for teachers and professors to display in a science classroom or laboratory.

An Anthill Cast

This cast has a very interesting structure that I haven’t seen in any of the other fire ant colony casts. Instead of having a single distinct tapering structure to it like the other casts, this cast has a large main structure and two offshoots near the ground surface: one toward the front of the display and one to the side, which almost looks like a separate distinct colony.

Cast #067 - Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Casting




Close Up

Cast #009 - Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Casting

This is a picture of the ant colony cast display from the front as it should be displayed. The general shape of this cast is very interesting and from this angle you can see that there are an amazing number of large chambers.

Most of the time the casts have a natural orientation which they look best on display. This is the back side and you can see that it's not quite as interesting as the display is from the front as seen below. 

 This is the left side of the display where the cast contacts the riser.

This is the right side of the display where the cast sits on the base riser.

This is a picture taken from directly above the cast. Mounting in the right side up orientation causes the pour hole to be exposed which you can see in this picture.

This is a closeup picture of the cast showing the vast tunnel and the chamber structure.

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